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SDL Tours is a Ghanaian registered tour company. Our offices are situated in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. As we all know, Ghana is known for its culture, unique traditions and warm hospitality. With us at your service, you can experience the rich cultural heritage of various regions of Ghana.

We invite you to indulge in the great experience of our country and its people, have a feast of our traditions and festivals, admire our castles and rain forests and enjoy many more wonderful assets of Ghana. We offer tour packages for groups , individuals and couples. We are here to bring you on a rejuvenating experience of the abundant natural beauty of Ghana that is sure to be memorable for a lifetime. Our services for the tourists serve their desire for some holidaying and relaxation in any part of Ghana.


We have been operating in Ghana for 13 years. Community based eco-tourism has been our special feature. We provide car rental services to support our community based eco-tourism. So our clients need not worry about their commutation. This has been a factor that led to our rapid growth in the tourism industry. Our customer base spans the world and we are glad to invite you to be part of our clientele.

We listen to the needs and interests of our clients, enabling us to provide them with customized tour packages. We are confident of making a lasting impression on you.


Our Vision:

Our dream is to create a self sustaining tourism, based on local ownership and local resources. We envisage an attractive, competitive and profitable tourism destination offering:

  • A good tourism communications.
  • Accommodation that reveals the local uniqueness and that fit in the natural and cultural landscape.

  • Ample opportunities for neighborhood economic spending (crafts, food items and souvenirs).

  • We work in harmony with the natural and cultural environment and will enhance both conservation of nature and culture as well as improve the quality of life in the communities.


Our uniqueness:

For our development, we strive to use ecotourism as our tool. Our uniqueness lies in:

  • Patronizing our services, making it possible to achieve our targets related to improvement of standard of living of people in various local destinations, so as to develop a better picture of society overall.
  • Scholarship scheme to support the education of local inhabitants.

  • Providing opportunities of employment for the local community for their sustenance and development.



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